SavvyBeast® Eye Health – Daily Vitamin & Mineral Support

At SavvyBeast® we are dedicated to ensuring that your pet’s supplements are healthy and nutritious. We are proud of the quality (local and domestically sourced) ingredients that we use. Our SavvyBeast® Eye Health – Daily Vitamin & Mineral Support is good for both dogs and cats, and contains the following healthy ingredients:

- Beta Carotene for Strong, Healthy Eyes

- Grape Seed Extract for Eye Disease Prevention and Improved Circulation

- Bilberry Extract for Better Vision and Lowered Blood Glucose

- Lycopene, A Potent Antioxidant

- Amino Acid Blend for Optimal Protein Synthesis

- Coq10 For Healthy Cells

- Vitamin A for Overall Health

- Fennel, An Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Diabetic

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GOOD FOR DOGS AND CATS: Our SavvyBeast® Eye Health – Daily Vitamin & Mineral Support can be given to dogs or cats as a supplement. You can use our supplements with confidence, knowing that we developed our pet care products to meet the highest standards.

GOLD STANDARD OF VISION SUPPORT: Don’t settle for eye nutrition supplements that just make your pet sick and lethargic. SavvyBeast’s Eye Health supplements were developed to deliver real results. Our product is non-GMO, Gluten-Free and GMP Certified.

CAREFULLY RESEARCHED AND HAND-PICKED: All ingredients in our eye health supplements are researched and hand-picked by us. Our supplements contain vitamins and antioxidants which are important for canine and feline ocular health.

TANGIBLE RESULTS: Other cat and dog supplements often don’t make much of a difference to eye health. That wasn’t acceptable to us, so we put in the time and research to develop an eyesight supplement for dogs and cats that creates tangible results.

EASILY DIGESTIBLE: We know that other supplements have ingredients that can have a bad effect on your dog or cat. At SavvyBeast®, we made it our mission to find the right kind of ingredients that your pet can ingest properly so that they can reap the benefits of excellent eye care.

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