Traditional Black Angus Beef Jerky for Dogs

At SavvyBeast® we are dedicated to ensuring that your pet’s supplements are healthy and nutritious. We are proud of the quality (local and domestically sourced) ingredients that we use. Our SavvyBeast® Traditional Black Angus Beef Jerky for Dogs is made in small batches on our farm in the USA.

- Grain Free

- Gluten Free

- No colors, Fillers or Preservatives

- Locally Sourced

GRASS-FED BEEF: Our beef jerky for dogs is sourced from local, grass-fed Black Angus cows. In fact, we use the same meat that we eat ourselves. We know how important it is for a pet parent to trust the food they give their furry friends, and we strive to produce the very best.

PRODUCED ON OUR FARM: We make our beef jerky in small batches right here on our farm and our goal is for your dog to love our jerky as much as we do.

WORTH THE COST: To create just one pound of our Traditional Black Angus Beef Jerky for Dogs, we have to use three pounds of Black Angus ground beef. The process is an expensive one, but we believe your dog is worth it.

NO PRESERVATIVES OR CHEMICALS: There are no chemicals, colors, fillers, or preservatives in our Black Angus beef jerky for dogs recipe. We are dedicated to creating pet food and treats that are as natural as possible, to ensure your pup gets the very best.

Give our SavvyBeast® Traditional Black Angus Beef Jerky for Dogs a try! We’re sure your dog will love it

Beef Jerky 16oz !!

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