The SavvyBeast® Story


For pet owners, the health and longevity of their furry friends is critically important. At SavvyBeast®, we understand this and we care about the well-being and nutritional needs of your dog.

Our family-owned business works with local farmers in New York to guarantee we are getting the freshest ingredients, like our lamb, beef, chicken and turkey with the most nutritional benefit for your beloved pooch. DogStars® are hand-made in small batches using real, certified-organic meats and other healthy ingredients.

Homemade in the kitchen of our big farm near the Catskill Mountains of New York, our nutritious dog treats are 100% wheat and gluten-free. Instead, we use chia flour, for our unique dog treats, which boasts more calcium than milk, more iron than raw spinach, more magnesium than broccoli, and more omega-3 than salmon.

SavvyBeast® is ready to stand behind your dog's nutritional needs and to stand as an example for others in the pet industry. We care about what we do; we care about our local community, and we care about your dog.


Our Creator's Story

Queny Villanueva emigrated from Colombia to America at age 15. Growing up, she did not have to worry about food additives, by-products, or food processing because her father cultivated almost everything that the family ate. It was only after her move to the US that she learned how many additives and by-products are unnecessarily processed into both human and animal foods. Her early passions—animals, cooking, and healthy eating—positioned her perfectly for a transition into nutritious, artisanal pet treats. But, she started small, by cooking food for her pet dogs.

In 1992, her first dog, Kico, was diagnosed with bone cancer; she later lost her second dog, Alexander, to cancer. After these devastating deaths, she committed herself to learning more about dog nutrition and health and drew from her background, working with Dr. Martin Goldstein, one of the finest holistic veterinarians in the country.

For years, Queny worked formulating healthy dog treats, with trips to the lab to guarantee her recipe met the highest standards possible. The Cornell University Department of Foods and Science teamed Queny up with Dhyneshwar Chawan, Ph.D., one of the premier food scientists in the world and she combined his knowledge with her know-how and passion to create DogStars®.

Now, Queny is confident that she is contributing to better health and nutrition for all dogs. Just ask her two Papillion taste-testers, Ruben and Sebastian, who give the treats two paws up. And our newest taste tester Sophie, a taco-terrier.

Our Team

Queny, Sebastian and Ruben

Owner and taste testers